September 25th, 2016

South Bromsgrove School scoops top award

South Bromsgrove School scoops top award South Bromsgrove School scoops top award
Updated: 10:58 am, Apr 29, 2016

SOUTH Bromsgrove High School has scooped a prestigious award for its work promoting democracy and political participation amongst its  students.

The Discovering Democracy accolade – from the British Youth Council – celebrates and shares the success of schools that go further in equipping their students with the skills and knowledge to play a full and active part in society, through high quality teaching, student voice and social action projects.

The school, in its application, demonstrated its commitment to promoting citizenship through numerous events held in school, such as a student team elections, debating competitions and general election hustings in 2015 attended by MP Sajid Javid.

Politics teacher Andrea Taylor said, “We are committed to developing a strong sense of citizenship at South Bromsgrove.

“Student leadership opportunities promote democracy and allow students to feel they have a voice in their school community and beyond.”

She added it was encouraging to see students, particularly sixth-formers, develop an interest in current affairs and political processes.

The sixth-formers engaged with the political arguments surrounding last year’s general election and were instrumental in organising the highly successful town hustings event.

“We are delighted that their work and their enthusiasm has been recognised in this way,” added Ms Taylor.