September 26th, 2016

Social care event proves a big hit in Bromsgrove

Social care event proves a big hit in Bromsgrove Social care event proves a big hit in Bromsgrove
Updated: 10:50 am, Apr 29, 2016

A POWERFUL community event connecting people working in social care was hailed a major success when groups from across Bromsgrove and Droitwich joined forces for an inspirational afternoon.

The event was set up by Community Catalysts in partnership with Worcestershire County council and was supported by the University of Worcester.

Stephanie Saergent from Coften Hackett who launched Charisma Training in 2009 to proivde IT training to non and partially sighted users was at the event.

Stephanie, who has a degree in psychology and is a fellow of the school of social entrepreneurs said: “My guide dog attracted a steady stream of visitors all afternoon. A social worker from Redditch and Bromsgrove invited me to a team meeting to demonstrate useful apps for the visually impaired. The chairman of Worcester County Council said a new project I have in mind may be eligible for a grant and he invited me to apply.

Lynne Duffy from Gloverpiece Mini Farm in Droitwich was there to show how people in mental recovery can benefit from partaking in a range of farming activities while Shaw Wilson and Chris Ray from the Crown Pub in Bromsgrove provide work experience to those with learning disabilities.

Denise Richardson from Bromsgrove who runs a day club at Ed’s Cafe for those living with dementia (and their carers) spoke about activities such as poetry, bingo, singing.

There was also Derek Luke from Over 50s Wednesday Club in Bromsgrove and Katherine Percy from Altogether Better Care from Droitwich and independent social work provider from Clear Guide Ltd.

Coun Ian Hopwood, Chairman of Worcestershire County Council said: “We aim to stimulate the development and growth of micro-enterprises within the health and social care sector.”

Coun Hopwood said there are 76 community micro-enterprises in Worcestershire offering support to more than 1,100 people.