September 28th, 2016

Size 8 Bromsgrove foodie ‘smashes’ Big Dave’s Breakfast

Size 8 Bromsgrove foodie ‘smashes’ Big Dave’s Breakfast Size 8 Bromsgrove foodie ‘smashes’ Big Dave’s Breakfast
Updated: 10:55 am, May 07, 2015

A BROMSGROVE breakfast challenge which had not been done since the idea was conceived a year ago has been completed – by a nine-stone size eight woman who lives around the corner from the cafe.

Emma Dalton had started taking on big food challenges just four months ago in Orlando Florida, where she successfully ate a kitchen sink burger and cake at the Universal Studios’ Hard Rock Hotel.

Since then she has done 17 challenges in those 16 weeks.

But this was to be her biggest test yet and she completed it on Saturday (November 8) in an impressive 28 mins and 37 secs, proudly announcing on her Facebook profile ‘smashed it’.

The monster sandwich, created by Dave Blackburn, uses a whole loaf of bread to house its contents – five rashers of bacon, five sausages, four eggs, four pieces of black pudding or haggis or hash browns, along with double beans, double tomatoes and double mushrooms.

Emma said: “It was pretty tough, but definitely do-able, especially when you can take up to 40 minutes.

“I rushed the first ten minutes then really took my time.”

The Standard revealed on Friday (November 7) that Emma was going to do the challenge at Big Dave’s Cafe, Worcester Road, and people travelled miles to see the woman v food encounter.

Emma said: “It was packed, very very crowded and standing room only.

“It was so nice to have locals cheering me on, a couple who saw my second ever challenge- the steak – even came from Reddich to see me, a new friend from the other side of Birmingham came too.”

On the massive meal itself, she said: “It was amazing – cooked to perfection, they literally did everything exactly how I wanted it – i even got to try haggis for the first time and I’m now in love.

“The staff at Big Dave’s were the nicest kindest people I’ve ever met.

“I still had room for a chocolate caramel flapjack straight after and they even let me have it for free, bless them.”

Dave – on the Big Daves Cafe Facebook page – said: “A massive well done to Emma Dalton who became the first ever person to finish the Big Daves challenge!!

“She smashed it in 28 minutes!!”

Emma’s previous challenges have included a 5ft chilli hot dog, an 80oz steak with chips and sides, a Smokey’s monster burger, which weighs more than 9lb and a monster burrito.

And tomorrow (Monday) she will be trying her hungry hand at a ribs challenge at Honky Tonks in London where she will have ten racks of ribs, with fries, put in front of her and have to devour them in under an hour.

“I’m not sure it’s even possible, but it’s worth a go,” added Emma.

For more on the home of the monster breakfast sandwich, type ‘Big Daves Cafe’ into Facebook.