September 26th, 2016

School parking issue still not resolved, claims Bromsgrove mum

School parking issue still not resolved, claims Bromsgrove mum School parking issue still not resolved, claims Bromsgrove mum
Updated: 11:10 am, May 07, 2015

AFTER waiting more than two years for road safety measures to be implemented near a Bromsgrove school, a campaigner said she was bemused this week to find workmen had not put double yellow lines in the area that had been agreed.

The Standard reported last year how Amanda Baldwin, the chairman of Sidemoor First School’s Parents and Teachers’ Association (PTA), had been lobbying to get signs to warn drivers they were approaching a school.

And, after a meeting with Highways representatives and Coun Luke Mallett, it was agreed that the school signs would be put up.

Those signs have been put up as agreed but, in addition to that, Mrs Baldwin said she was told double yellow lines would be painted on some parts of the road and parking time restrictions would be implemented on others. That would be aimed at preventing illegal and irresponsible parking at certain times of the day, whilst still enabling residents and their family and friends to park there when needed, she said.

Mrs Baldwin told The Standard the double yellow lines were supposed to be painted all the way round the T-junction of Grayshott Close and Greenacres Lane.

But, she said, the workmen – who were following the plans they had been given – had only painted double yellow lines on one one corner of the T-junction, ironically, the one on the opposite side to the turning for the school.

The signs to let people know they were approaching have now been put up.

“We are grateful for the signs, but we want all the other measures in place that have been agreed.

“My son Matthew is in year four now and is able to walk home on his own if he wants to but I don’t feel I can let him because it’s so dangerous.” said Mrs Baldwin.

Coun John Smith, Worcestershire County Council’s cabinet member for Highways, said: “Double yellow lines were put on Grayshott Close in response to concerns from local residents about the safety of pedestrians and other motorists.

“People were parking at the junction and restricting other motorists’ views which was causing safety concerns, especially around the times children were going to and from school.

“Posts have also been put up to prevent parking on the grass and additional signage has also been erected to notify motorists that there is a school there as part of the aim to improve safety at this location.”

A Worcestershire County Council spokesperson said if residents had any further concerns then residents were asked to contact the council.