October 1st, 2016

Saga surrounding new Bromsgrove taxi rank should soon be sorted

Saga surrounding new Bromsgrove taxi rank should soon be sorted Saga surrounding new Bromsgrove taxi rank should soon be sorted
Updated: 10:51 am, May 07, 2015

THE LONG-RUNNING saga surrounding Bromsgrove’s new taxi rank should shortly be at an end after the county council confirmed the lines that needed to be painted onto the Worcester Road would soon be done.

We first revealed in February 2013 that residents living near Station Street had complained to Bromsgrove District Council about being kept awake by waiting taxis in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning and had submitted a 15-name petition to the authority on the issue.

Following that, proposals for a new bigger rank on Worcester Road were put forward in May 2013 in an bid to find a more appropriate place for taxis to wait away from those homes.

But they were rejected because they were objections from local businesses, West Mercia Police’s traffic management advisor and Worcestershire County Council’s senior traffic management engineers.

New spaces were drawn up and were finally agreed by Bromsgrove District Council’s Licensing Committee back in June last year.

The relevant signage was put up but a delay was caused by Worcestershire County Council’s Highways not carrying out the work and painting the lines on.

We were contacted by Bromsgrove District Councillor Rory Shannon about the issue last week after he was contacted again by residents of Station Street who claimed the light and noise nuisance in the early hours of Saturdays and Sundays caused by waiting taxis had got worse.

We got in touch with Worcestershire County Council to ask why the work had not been done and was told that, providing there was no snow, the new lines would be painted in the coming days.

Coun Shannon said he was glad the lines would finally be painted. And he said he now hoped the new system would be enforced and that the taxi drivers would use the new ranks and not park in Station Street whilst waiting for the two Worcester Road night spots to empty.