September 29th, 2016

Rubery Youth Club tries lawn bowls

Updated: 11:07 am, May 07, 2015

YOUNG people from Rubery youth club paid a special visit to the village’s lawn bowls club this week.

The day was organised to give the youngsters a chance to build community links with the club and to try something new.

Members of the club volunteered to meet ten young people at their venue on St Chad’s Park to open the lawns up especially to let them have a go.

Josh Dipple, 12, said: “It was nice to try something I’ve never tried before and found it quite fun – thanks to the youth club for giving me the opportunity to go.”

Louise Couch, a youth worker from the centre, said the club was really impressed with the youngsters and members saw there was some real talent there.

“I definitely think some of our young people would like to do it again and they have invited us back and said they would love to have us anytime.” she added.

“Before the club felt a bit off limits to them but now hopefully that’s not the case and they can see it’s part of the community.”

Ashley Hewitt, the YMCA’s communications and infrastructure office, said: “It’s great we have recently taken over the Bromsgrove positive activities for the YMCA and part of going to the Rubery Bowls Club is part of the intergeneration work which we promote with young people.”

Some of the young people in action. (s)