September 25th, 2016

Rubery residents’ joy as crem plan is thrown out

Rubery residents’ joy as crem plan is thrown out Rubery residents’ joy as crem plan is thrown out
Updated: 11:09 am, May 07, 2015

OVERJOYED Rubery residents are celebrating after the controversial proposal to build a crematorium off New Inns Lane was thrown out this evening (Monday).

Bromsgrove District Council’s planning committee rejected the application on the grounds it was an inappropriate development for the greenbelt site.

Coun Sue Baxter, who put forward the motion to turn down the application, said the developer was attempting to change a site from a low key burial ground to an ‘industrial’ crematorium.

The chamber heard how the development, which included a cemetery, formal and woodland burial areas, 116 parking spaces, a chapel and maintenance building with a two-metre chimney, would have a negative visual impact on the area, ruining the beautiful views the Wasley Hills had to offer.

It was also rejected on account of the increased traffic the project would bring, the number of cars parked and how they would blight the area and because the crematorium went against the original application, granted in 2012, under the condition no amendments were made to the building.

Many members of the committee also opposed the application, saying they would have never of granted permission previously if there had been a crematorium included in the proposal or if they had known of plans to add one.

Sarah McConkey, a resident who spoje during the meeting, said: “I think it was absolutely disgusting they would want to put in a crematorium when there are two in the surrounding area, especially with Redditch being an award-winning crematorium.

“What was the need?”

She claimed it would spoil the greenbelt land.

She added it was the best possible outcome and the right one.

The committee voted seven for and four against the motion to throw the plans out.