September 26th, 2016

Rubery residents angered over Farmfoods’ early deliveries

Rubery residents angered over Farmfoods’ early deliveries Rubery residents angered over Farmfoods’ early deliveries
Updated: 8:15 am, Sep 06, 2015

RUBERY Farmfoods has come under fire from a councillor after taking a number of deliveries at 2am.

Coun Peter McDonald said the supermarket giant had ‘utter contempt for the wellbeing of residents’ after villagers were woken up at ‘unearthly hours’ of the morning by large vehicles delivering goods to the store.

He added people were entitled to a full night’s sleep and should not have to put up with it.

“No right minded organisation would manage in such an unsociable manner,” Coun McDonald said.

“It is unacceptable to expect residents to have to put up with being disturbed at such ungodly hours by the noise of large vehicles unloading.

“Farmfoods should act as good neighbours, respecting residents’ right to an uninterrupted night’s sleep.”

Coun McDonald said he has asked the planning enforcement officer at Bromsgrove District Council to take the appropriate action to ensure the deliveries were made at normal hours.

A Bromsgrove District Council spokeswoman said she could confirm they had received Coun McDonald’s complaint and officers had reviewed the planning permission as a result.

She added: “We have reminded the applicant Farmfoods of the requirements of the permission which restrict the hours of delivery.

“The applicant’s agent has confirmed he has spoken to the relevant parties at Farmfoods about the need to comply with the planning condition.”

A Worcestershire Regulatory Services spokeswoman said they were made aware of the situation through the planning department at Bromsgrove District Council and the issues had been brought to the attention of Farmfoods.

She added their officers would continue to monitor the situation and take action as appropriate.

Foodfoods refused to comment on the matter.