September 28th, 2016

Rubery nurse heading to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to lead a project to help the poor

Rubery nurse heading to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to lead a project to help the poor Rubery nurse heading to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to lead a project to help the poor
Updated: 3:09 pm, Aug 04, 2015

A RUBERY nurse will soon be travelling more than 5,000 miles to volunteer her services as a medic for people living in some of the poorest areas in the world. Laura Towler will be heading out to Costa Rica and Nicaragua in September with the charity, Raleigh International.

She will spend three months living in the middle of the jungle in a hammock with nothing to eat but rice and beans. There will also be no running water. Laura will be working with the charity and leading a team of up to 14 volunteers to help the communities living in the area build a sustainable development. Along with being a medic Laura will also be one of the project managers leading the drive to build a gravity water flow system, sanitation blocks and other projects focused on conservation.

This includes helping to create building trails in national parks to allow access to scientists and promote tourism which will in turn provide the nearby communities with an income. The charity’s main aim it to help those living in poor areas gain safe access to water and sanitation while also protecting vulnerable environments and building resilient communities. Laura’s role as a medic will mean she will be responsible for the health and wellbeing of all the volunteers with limited resources.

She will be arriving three weeks before them in order to set up medical kits and visit her project site. Laura will then go and meet the locals and find out their needs and work with them to plan a project ready for when the team of volunteers arrive. She will have to conduct individual health screening on each volunteer, ensuring they are fit for project, before she trains them and all the other managers in first aid and health promotion to prevent illness.

While there Laura will be living with the locals, in their homes, and will be very isolated from the outside world with nothing but a satellite phone. Laura is also trying to raise £300 for the charity so it can continue its good work. So far she has made £200. To do this, she will be doing a sponsored walk every day for a week, between Tuesday (August 4) and August 15, carrying a 18kg backpack – the same weight as a jerry can of water. At the site where she will be working the people there have to walk about four miles just to reach water so she will be doing the same. Laura said: “I aim to fund-raise as much as possible for Raleigh International in order to allow them to continue their fantastic work.

“I hope this will not only raise awareness of Raleigh, but raise awareness of the issue of lacking access to water and sanitation – the cause for millions of deaths worldwide each year.” Visit to donate to Laura’s cause.