September 28th, 2016

Rubery DJ plays to 5,000 at Leeds Festival

Rubery DJ plays to 5,000 at Leeds Festival Rubery DJ plays to 5,000 at Leeds Festival
Updated: 10:51 am, May 07, 2015

A RUBERY DJ and producer who won a national competition supported Zane Lowe at this year’s Leeds Festival.

Luke Hassan, of Leasowe Road, played for around 5,000 people last weekend on the Relentless Stage and since the event has had hundreds more followers on his social networking sites.

The 24-year-old was one of five Relentless Energy’s ‘Here to be Heard 2014’ finalists chosen from hundreds of applicants after he submitted a ten-minute DJ mix and a video, in July.

For the final round, Luke played a 30-minute slot on one of London’s busiest streets in a battle for public votes.

For his first festival and performance for such a large audience Luke said it went really well and the crowd really made him feel like his hard work had paid off.

He added he found out he had won the competition on the Tuesday night before the festival and then left on the Wednesday and performed on the Saturday.

During his time on the stage Luke said he played house music and a lot of his own stuff and although he was further away from the crowd, than he was used to, he got a real sense of whether people were enjoying it or not.

“I got up there and I was just playing the songs and dancing around.

“It was a whole new world and was so much fun – I wasn’t nervous or scared.

“You do lose some of the intimacy with the audience but you really get a vibe from everyone that is there.” Luke added.

Whilst at the festival Luke got the chance to see some of his idols and favourite artists including Wilkinson and Netsky and even got to watch The Kooks perform from the edge of the stage.

Luke said in the future he was hoping to work more with Relentless and planned to play and make as much music as he could, hopefully releasing an EP or an album.

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