September 25th, 2016

Rubery businesses clean up signage

Rubery businesses clean up signage Rubery businesses clean up signage
Ian Robinson from Robinson Opticians, Annette Taylor from The Signpost Cafe and Stuart Gill from Gills News have been cleaning up the signs around Rubery. Picture by Marcus Mingins 3715016MMR
Updated: 6:01 pm, Sep 12, 2015

A TRIO of Rubery business owners have been taking the town one sign at a time in their bid to clean the area up and attract visitors.

Ian Robinson, from Robinson Opticians, Annette Taylor, from The Signpost Cafe, and Stuart Gill, from Gills News, have tackled more than ten signs so far and left them sparkling clean.

Mr Robinson said it all began when the Rubery Village Business Association reformed and its members went from being three to 23, literally overnight.

He added when they got together they all realised the state of the signs in Rubery did not give the right impression to visitors coming into the village.

“We have started doing basic housework and we are encouraging all business owners to look after their frontages.

“We noticed the signs sent out a public message to the communities in and outside the town who considered using Rubery as a shopping place,” he said.

Visit the Rubery Village website for more.