September 30th, 2016

Romsley pupils hold eco-election

Updated: 11:17 am, May 07, 2015

ROMSLEY pupils had a taste of the real world of democracy when they held their own eco-election.

In total 16 youngsters at St Kenelm’s School Primary School, on Bromsgrove Road, battled it out campaigning for their place on their first eco-committee.

The children each had a turn to explain why they should be chosen before the rest of the school voted for the final eight pupils who would be representing them.

The results were announced in the school hall with various councillors and politicians present showing their support.

The day was organised with the help of the Electoral Services Team at Bromsgrove District Council and offered the children the same voting experience followed in a normal election.

Jenny Morris, the teacher in charge of the eco-committee, said: “The election was a huge success, the children were delighted with their roles and responsibilities helping out at the election and the event definitely gave them an insight and experience they would not otherwise have had.”