September 29th, 2016

Residents given a holiday at home by Bromsgrove church volunteers

Updated: 4:01 pm, Aug 22, 2015

RESIDENTS in Bromsgrove who are unable to go on real holidays were given a few days away thanks to a church scheme.

The ‘Holiday at Home’ project was offered as part of the Bromsgrove Crosslinks, based at the town’s Methodist Church, Stratford Road.

The 63 holiday-makers were taken on imaginary breaks to various UK resorts, including York, Liverpool, London and Blackpool.

Each day around 11 volunteers were involved in putting on themed craft and other activities, along with lunch and tea, based on food and drink from the relevant areas.

For the trip to The Capital, Elizabeth Dovey presented a PowerPoint tour on an open top bus around London with pictures of the main tourist sites and lots of information. Travellers made postcards, did some watercolour paintings and had Shepherds (Bush) Pie with Eton Mess to follow.

There was also a London-themed singalong and Chelsea buns were enjoyed.

On the London trip, there was a Scouse lunch, there were sausages and Yorkshire pudding on the York excursion amd fish and chips ‘in Blackpool’.

On that one, the last day, the residents were even given a stick of Blackpool rock to take home.

Rev Richard Wilde said: “A jolly good time was had by all and it could not have happened without the organisation by Bromsgrove Crosslinks, 25 volunteers and church administrator Christine Chambers and Crosslinks chair.

“I am deeply touched by the hard work and imagination of all the volunteers who have been working for several weeks to make it happen.”

Rev Wilde also paid tribute to Coun Anthony Blagg and Coun Sheila Blagg who arranged the funding to make it happen and the Royal Voluntary Service and Sight Concern who brought along the grateful passengers.