October 1st, 2016

Rednal man among 13 jailed for a combined 130 years over a £1.5million drugs ring

Updated: 12:26 am, Sep 12, 2016

A REDNAL man was among 13 people jailed over a massive drugs ring which supplied heroin and cocaine across the country.

Kieran Samuels , 31, of Fleming Way, Rednal, was convicted of supplying class A drugs after a six-week trial and sentenced to six years behind bars.

An investigation by West Midlands Police found the 13 were involved in the ring which was run from Birmingham and saw drigs hidden in cars which had been specially adapted to have secret compartments.

Officers seized more than £1.5million of cocaine but there was evidence of more drugs being produced.

The ring was mastermined by Albanian Asmirald Miraka, who was caged for 16 years.

Three Albanian couriers – Desar Asllani, Arjol Cerriku and Aleks Asllani – who were illegally in the UK – were co-ordinated to distribute kilos of cocaine between July 2015 and January this year. They were each handed ten years and nine months jail sentences. Miraka, Desar Asslani and Aleks Asllani all lived in Harborne and Cerriku lived in Haunch Lane, Birmingham.

Miraka regularly swapped mobile phones to try and avoid being detected but officers used intelligence and covert tactics to monitor movements and link the four men to three groups of dealers.

They operated from cars including an Audi A6 and Volvo with hidden compartments fitted – either behind the stereo dashboard or in the boot – to try and conceal the drugs.

Drugs were imported into the UK and distributed in Wolverhampton and Nottingham, as well as Birmingham.

The drugs ring was found to have connections to Clayton Stephenson, despite him serving a prison term for conspiracy to supply cocaine at the time.

Stephenson, of no fixed abode, managed deals through Rednal man Samuels and with Aaron Clemenson, of Power Crescent, Laywood. They were involved in a drugs exchange with Desar Asllani and Cerriku in Kings Heath on November 27.

Stephenson was also convicted of using a phone in prison to orchestrate a drugs deal and Clemenson for possession of CS gas.

Stephenson received eight years in hail and Clemenson was sentenced to five years.

Others involved included Adam Whiteley, 35, of Wheatsheaf Road, Oldbury, who was sentenced to eight years for drugs offences. Shazad Ali, 29, Foxhall Road, Nottingham, and Zarak Khan, 27, of Vale Crescent South, Nottingham, were both sentenced to 15 years.

Shabaz Ali, 27, of Foxhall Road, Nottingham, was given 15 years and five months behind bars and Levi Watson, 29, of Orslow Walk, Park Village, Wolverhampton, was sentenced to seven years.

Shazad Ali and Khan were also sentenced for possession of firearms and ammunition.

Det Con Warren Moore, from West Midlands Police’s Serious and Organised Crime Unit, said: “This was a sophisticated operation involving large amounts of cocaine and heroin.

“Miraka was the lynchpin in co-ordinating the supply of drugs to other dealers and there is no doubt this would have continued without police intervention.

“Drugs can ruin lives and communities and these sentences should act as a strong warning that those involved in such crime will feel the full force of the law.”