September 25th, 2016

‘Reckless’ arsonists lit Bromsgrove bonfire a day early

‘Reckless’ arsonists lit Bromsgrove bonfire a day early ‘Reckless’ arsonists lit Bromsgrove bonfire a day early
Updated: 11:31 am, May 07, 2015

ARSONISTS lit the Sanders Park bonfire a day before. almost ruining the town’s biggest firework event for thousands of people.

Firefighters were forced to attend the incident, while their colleagues were on strike, to extinguish the out of control fire on Friday (October 31).

The events team called Hereford and Worcestershire Fire and Rescue Service reporting it had been lit without permission about 5.30pm.

Five firefighters spent an hour using a drag hook to pull down the pile of burning materials before putting it out with a hose reel.

Due to the quick actions of the Bromsgrove Fire Service the bonfire was saved and could be lit again as planned on the Saturday.

Watch Commander Darren Packwood, who was one of the firefighters called out, said they believed the fire was started deliberately and if that was the case it was completely irresponsible.

He added to attempt to start such a large fire without any of the control measures which would have been in place on Saturday night was reckless.

“It was thoughtless to do something that could have easily spoilt the night for so many local people,” he said.

“We were pleased the fire crew who attended were not only able to control the fire but save the bonfire so everyone could enjoy it as they were supposed to.”

Thousands went along on the Saturday, with the Bromsgrove District Council leader hailing it another great success.

Coun Margaret Sherrey said: “We are so pleased so many people turned up to enjoy this event.

“The weather was very kind to us, the music was excellent and the fireworks were absolutely marvellous – it was a really good night.”

Resident Neil Pugh captured the Sanders Park fireworks on video. Visit to view the display.