October 1st, 2016

Rats on the rise in Rubery says councillor

Rats on the rise in Rubery says councillor Rats on the rise in Rubery says councillor
Updated: 11:32 am, May 07, 2015

A RUBERY councillor has called for action to be taken on the growing number of rats inhabiting the village.

Coun Peter McDonald said a number of residents walking along the footpath between Callowbridge Road and New Road had been astonished and frightened by the amount of vermin.

Rats have also been sighted along Callowbrook Lane, near the footpath.

He added the number of nearby food takeaways and the brook made the area very attractive to the pests and action needed to be taken before nearby shops and houses were overrun with them.

“I have asked Bromsgrove District Council’s Environment Services to take action immediately before the situation gets out of control and we have a serious rat infestation in the area.” he said.

“The council needs to take action to ensure people can go about their daily business free from rats and know their homes will not become infested by them.”

A Bromsgrove District Council spokeswoman said: “The council’s environmental services’ team is investigating the complaint and will take due action if and where required.”

A Worcestershire Regulatory Services spokeswoman said: “We will look to work with any businesses which are struggling or have difficulties with their waste storage.”