September 26th, 2016

Pupils design quilt for Catshill school’s anniversary

Pupils design quilt for Catshill school’s anniversary Pupils design quilt for Catshill school’s anniversary
Updated: 11:26 am, May 07, 2015

YOUNGSTERS from Catshill Middle School have created a commemorative quilt to mark the school’s 75th anniversary.

The beautiful piece was unveiled by parish councillor Gordon Witcomb at a special assembly held on February 9.

He described the creation, which is made up of 352 individual squares and took eight months to complete, as a ‘spectacular work of art’.

The covering, which measures 3m by 2.5m, was sewn together under the guidance of Julie Pask and Miss Marshall from the Design Technology department.

The quilt includes the names of everyone present in Catshill Middle School during the 2014 summer term.

Pupils, teachers, teaching assistants, administration and cleaning staff are each represented by way of a 10cm x 10cm square of fabric on which their name is machine embroidered.

Several different techniques were used to colouring and embellish the squares which have been done in red, yellow, blue and green to represent the four school houses. The names of the houses have changed over time but the central school logo continues into its 75th year.

Headteacher Paul Essenhigh welcomed special guests to the assembly including Charles Bateman, a pupil in the 1940s and Mr and Mrs Partridge who were head boy and head girl in the 1960s.

The pupils who attend Catshill Middle today got to quiz guests on what their school was like ‘in the old days’ and Charles provided his original school report and a copy of the school newsletter to which he had contributed a couple of riddles.

The parish council is very pleased to have contributed to the project and the quilt will be on loan during the summer term for the Worcestershire Voices and Visions exhibition at Worcester Cathedral.