September 28th, 2016

Pride of Longbridge event gets classic van raffle boost

Pride of Longbridge event gets classic van raffle boost Pride of Longbridge event gets classic van raffle boost
Updated: 11:21 am, May 07, 2015

THERE is now just over a week to go until this year’s Pride of Longbridge Rally in Cofton Park which will mark the tenth anniversary of the collapse of the MG Rover factory.

It is hoped this year’s event – at Cofton Park next Saturday (April 18) – will see the biggest ever congregation of cars made at Longbridge in one place.

The POL rally and the Midlands Air Ambulance has received a boost after a classic Austin BT Maestro van was donated to raise funds for the causes.

It is being raffled off with tickets being sold at £15 each – £10 will go to the air ambulance and £5 to POL.

It was donated by Anthony whose brother Darren was saved by the Midlands Air Ambulance in 2009 after being involved in a traffic accident in Northfield.

After the BT van was found, Anthony put his passion for repairing classic cars to good use by restoring it to its former glory and donating it to raise cash for the charity which saved his brother’s life.

He said: “The entire family is extremely grateful to Midlands Air Ambulance and this is my way of paying thanks to the aircrew who undertake life saving missions, like Darren’s, every day.

“In addition, I want to support the organisers of the Pride of Longbridge show, which attracts over many former Rover employees, their families and the wider community.”

The raffle will be drawn at the POL event.

Organiser Gemma Cartwright MBE said it was an amazing gesture.

“Alongside Midlands Air Ambulance charity, we are extremely grateful for Anthony’s support, which will help towards the future and projects for the following years.

“Each year Pride of Longbridge has continued to grow.

“It’s the only event of its kind to attract all the Longbridge related MG and Rover appreciation clubs across the world and we proudly attract people who have a connection to Longbridge from as far as Australia.”

For more on the rally, visit the Facebook page by searching for ‘Pride of Longbridge’.