September 30th, 2016

Fatal house fire in Frankley was caused by tumble dryer

Fatal house fire in Frankley was caused by tumble dryer Fatal house fire in Frankley was caused by tumble dryer
Updated: 2:44 pm, Feb 09, 2016

THE HOUSE fire in Frankley in which a woman lost her life was caused by a tumble dryer.

It broke out at the two-storey home in Corainder Close about 4.15pm on Sunday (February 7).

Two fire crews and a response vehicle were sent to the scene to battle the blaze and West Midlands Ambulance Service confirmed an ambulance, a paramedic in a rapid response vehicle and a paramedic area support officer in a rapid response vehicle attended.

But, despite the best efforts of the emergency services, a woman in her late 40s was pronounced dead at the scene.

Another fire crew arrived afterwards to ensure everything in the semi-detached property was safe.

Investigators from West Midlands Fire Service found the blaze was started by the tumble dryer and damage was caused to the surrounding units in the kitchen.

They also said, since carrying out initial examinations on that tumble driver, they have established that make and model is not on any current recall list.

“It is likely to be some weeks before the precise cause of the fire is known, and whether it was linked to a product fault.

“This will depend on the outcome of detailed forensic examinations.”

West Midlands Fire Service has also issued some general safety advice on using tumble dryers.

Among the points are that lint is removed from the trap after every load, that vents are not covered, that vent pipes are both free of kinks and that they are the correct ones to be used with that particular make and model and that the hot air is vented outside.

Rags or materials used to soak up flammable liquids should also not be put into the tumble drier.