October 1st, 2016

Opening of new Bromsgrove Station delayed until spring next year

Opening of new Bromsgrove Station delayed until spring next year Opening of new Bromsgrove Station delayed until spring next year
Updated: 10:01 am, Jul 24, 2015

THE OPENING of the new station in Bromsgrove has been delayed due to contamination issues and the need to amend the design of the new footbridge, writes Neil Gordon.

It is now not expected to open until the spring of next year.

The announcement comes after it was revealed that ground contamination has been more widespread than pre-construction surveys had indicated, requiring decontamination of the former oil terminal site to be carried-out. Problems were also encountered with buried cables, pipes and services.

Whilst these problems have now been addressed, a further delay has arisen as the footbridge and lift structures need to be redesigned to conform to new Europe-wide safety regulations. This change in regulations is required to ensure passengers are a safe distance above the overhead electrification equipment required to run electric trains.

Richard Dugdale, Network Rail’s project sponsor, told The Standard: “It’s unfortunate that the delays in construction and the safety related design changes mean the station will open later than originally forecast.

“The new station will, however, be well worth the wait and will be a great departure point for the transformed new train service for Bromsgrove.”

Network Rail has said it is looking to cover additional costs associated with the design changes and have emphasised that no work completed on the site to date is affected, and that construction of the platforms and buildings is well underway.

Meanwhile, members of the public had the chance to discuss the new station, construction works and receive an update on progress with those involved in the project at an exhibition held last Thursday (July 16).

The event, at the Finstall Centre on Stoke Road, lasted two hours and saw a number of residents discussing a variety of topics with representatives from Worcestershire County Council, Network Rail, London Midland Trains and contractors Buckingham.