September 30th, 2016

Majority of drivers at Worcester car meet praised by police

Updated: 10:46 am, May 07, 2015

ABOUT 200 drivers were handed warnings not to race or drive anti-socially at an organised gathering of motorists showcasing their cars and checking out others.

More than 300 cars descended on the Cattle Market car park in Worcester on Sunday night (October 19) for the organised meeting, but officers also attended to speak to drivers and check vehicles.

The majority of those who attended were praised by West Mercia Police for the way they conducted themselves but the force has confirmed a small number of 20 drivers were dealt with for having unroadwoarthy vehicles. Dangerous faults included bald tyres, modified wheels, registration plates not on vehicles and one car which had no wings on it.

It was part of Operation Overture which has been run in Bromsgrove and other areas after complaints about nuisance and anti-social driving in modified cars.

As motorists left the car park they were warned not to get involved in racing or potentially dangerous manoeuvres, such as doughnuts (spinning the car around).

They were also each given a notice informing them that recent vehicle gatherings had resulted in some groups of vehicles driving around the West Mercia Police area in a dangerous and anti-social manner, including racing on the highway.

“This has caused distress and anxiety to a large section of communities.

“West Mercia Police will not tolerate such behaviour.

“If you are considering driving in this manner, be aware that you will be prosecuted and your vehicle may be seized under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act.

‘Your insurance company may also be informed. Such actions endanger the lives of other road users,” it added.

Officers, who were also at pre-meets in Kidderminster and Hereford, have taken note of modifications to more than 200 cars and will be verifying with insurance companies that the alterations were known about.

One who attended the ‘meet’ from Hereford said he had been to a few gatherings, adding “It’s an interest we all share.

“I’m surprised how many cars are actually here.”

Another, called Matthew, who had come from Cheltenham, said: “It’s really good – the police have been great.

“They have been helpful and friendly.”

He added more forces should take that approach.

The Standard caught up with a group of 15 from Bromsgrove who were at the event.

Craig Allington, from Wychbold, said he felt people with modified vehicles got a hard time by the police and in the press.

“We all have jobs, we all pay our way, we all have our insurance.

“There’s the odd few that act stupidly, but that’s just a minority.”

Another person there, who did not want to be named, said: “There’s families here and everything – it’s a really fantastic event and there’s never any trouble.

“It’s just people walking around looking at and admiring other people’s cars, which are well looked after.”

Officers checked vehicles at the meets.

Some of the cars in Worcester.

More than 300 cars were at the meet in Worcester. Pictures by Tristan Harris. s

Craig Allington from Wychbold believes those driving modified vehicles are getting a hard time.