September 26th, 2016

Lots planned for annual Bromsgrove Fair Day

Updated: 10:01 am, Jun 27, 2015

THE ANNUAL Bromsgrove Fair Day and Court Leet procession took place in the town on Saturday (June 20).

This year, the parade included stops in the High Street for the assizes, which were performed by the juror of the court in Medieval times to ensure the quality of goods were fit for the people of Bromsgrove.

Among the items tested were meat (at butcher Leigh Jones), leather (at the Bromsgrove Cobbler) and ale (at the Red Lion).

Further tests were done at The Pieman in the market.

The procession stopped at the Housman Statue where Bailiff Hamish Wilson read the Charter of King John from 1199. Assizes of bread and a report from the Brook Looker were also given.

The traditional ceremonies were led by Bellman of the Court and Town Crier Kevin Ward, who was presented with an engraved glass bell for recognition of service to the Court and the town over the last 30 years.

Bailiff Hamish Wilson said: “The new format for the procession worked really well.

“We were pleased to have been able to include more local businesses in this year’s proceedings and we hope more of the townsfolk were able to enjoy the ceremonies.

“It was wonderful to see the town packed full of market stalls with so many local charities getting involved and fundraising.”

Bromsgrove Court Leet exists to uphold the traditions of the past and to support local charities through various fund-raising schemes.

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