September 25th, 2016

Life-long Bromsgrove fan meets the gaffer

Life-long Bromsgrove fan meets the gaffer Life-long Bromsgrove fan meets the gaffer
Chris Parry with Bromsgrove manager Paul Smith. (s)
Updated: 4:14 pm, Mar 24, 2016

A SUPPORTER of Bromsgrove Sporting got to meet his favourite club’s manager Paul Smith who paid him a visit at St John’s Court care home, where he lives.

It all began when healthcare assistant Liza Dews contacted the club to see if they would send 93-year-old resident Chris Parry anything.

Chris, who is registered blind and very hard of hearing, always asks staff each weekend how Sporting are doing in their matches and where they are in the league.

So Paul contacted the home to say he would be delighted to go and meet Chris to update them personally on The Rouslers and their progress.

Then, last Thursday (March 17), Paul went along to St John’s and had tea with Chris and even invited him to their match on Saturday with Stafford Town.

Chris was then accompanied by Liza, care assistant Jane Jones and activity organiser Heather Mitchell to the Victoria Ground where he was the guest of honour and Sporting thrashed Stafford Town 3-0.

As soon as they arrived, Chris was greeted by Paul and was presented with a scarf, pennant and match programme which included a write up and picture about the meeting Paul had with Chris prior to the match.

Whilst enjoying a half time beer in the clubhouse the manager asked for silence and made a speech about Chris being their guest of honour, all of the clubhouse cheered for Chris and he was overwhelmed by the welcome and treatment he received.


Laura Wilkes, the manager at St John’s Court, said Chris told her it was the best day of his life and he was grateful to everyone who had made the day so special.

“I cannot express how proud I am of the team here who regularly go above and beyond their roles to help residents of St John’s Court fulfil happy and contented lives and continue to enjoy things which have been such an important part of their lives.

“Liza has opened up a door for us with Bromsgrove Sporting and we will certainly continue with building community links with them and hope to have more involvement in future months and years, supporting them in their events as I hope they will with us also.”

Paul said: “I set out to make Chris’s visit a special one for him and to know he really did enjoy it has made my day.”

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