September 29th, 2016

Lickey wassail gets bumper turnout

Updated: 10:50 am, May 07, 2015

MORE THAN 100 people took part in a traditional wassail at the Lickey Hills at the weekend in a bid to bring about a good harvest in the community orchard.

As well as banging pots and pans to ward off evil spirits, a new information board was unveiled.

The board was designed by Keith and Simon Woolford of Arch Media under the guidance of The Lickey Hills Society.

The wassail was organised by the Lickey Hills Country Park Rangers and this year’s attendance was almost ten times more than last year’s when 120 to 150 people went along.

Mike Brooke, from the Lickey Hills Society, said: “What was particularly pleasing was that there were so many family groups including lots of children which was wonderful.

“Hopefully now that they will know about the community orchard, they will return again and in a few years’ time, be able to pick some of the fruit.” he added.

Senior ranger Steve Hinton leads the singing of carols. 0315016ABR3

Toast is dipped in apple juice. 0315016ABR4

Toast soaked in apple juice is hung on the trees as part of the wassail. 0315016ABR5

Spiced apple juice was heated over a fire. 0315016ABR7

Senior ranger Steve Hinton hangs toast soaked in apple juice on a tree with his daughter Poppy Hinton, seven. 0315016ABR6