September 28th, 2016

Leaning lampposts may kill warns Rubery candidate

Updated: 10:44 am, May 07, 2015

RUBERY residents are being put in danger of becoming seriously injured by unstable concrete lampposts, a county council candidate has claimed.

Labour’s Peter McDonald said it has been a whole year since he had last called on Worcestershire County Council to remove a number of leaning lampposts he claimed could collapse at any time.

But, he said, the plea had been ignored despite the fact the council was ‘fully aware’ of the dangers the street lights caused.

Coun McDonald added once a post started to lean it usually ended up collapsing without any warning.

He said by ignoring the requests to have the posts removed the council was putting lives at risk.

“In the past we have had concrete lampposts falling and crushing cars it will only be a matter of time, if the council do not act, before someone is seriously injured.” Coun McDonald added.

“There can be no excuse for putting people’s lives knowingly at risk – to ignore concrete lampposts that are leaning dangerously takes one breath away.

“The council needs to recognise its obligations regarding the safety of residents and act now before someone is seriously injured, if not killed by a falling lamppost.”

A council spokeswoman said following a joint site visit with Coun McDonald when the lampposts were reported previously, they were completely satisfied, after a check, all the street lights were safe and not leaning dangerously.

She added: “All street lighting columns are inspected regularly; however, if anyone does spot any deterioration or further problems please report them to us via our ‘reportit’ facility.”

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