September 28th, 2016

Labour group calls on Tories for Artrix funding rethink

Labour group calls on Tories for Artrix funding rethink Labour group calls on Tories for Artrix funding rethink
Updated: 10:45 am, May 07, 2015

BROMSGROVE Labour Group has called on the Conservatives to ‘think again as a matter of urgency’ over their decision on funding for Artrix.

Labour leader Coun Luke Mallett said it is accepted that a new financial settlement was needed for Artrix after the initial ten-year funding plan.

But, he added, the actions of the cabinet in throwing future funding for Artrix into uncertainty were ‘reckless’.

“The benefits Artrix brings to our town and district in terms of course of the arts but also tourism, education and community development, should be apparent for anyone that lives locally to see.

“We urgently need to offer Artrix certainty over its funding in both the short and medium term.

“We need a council that recognises the value a regional, if not UK leading, arts centre such as Artrix brings to our town.

“I’d urge the Conservative Cabinet to listen to reason and get this sorted now.” he said.

A Conservative spokesperson said Bromsgrove District Council had always supported the arts – Artrix had cost millions to build and there were also set-up costs.

He added the arts centre had received £1.2million from the public purse before the investment was scrutinised in 2013.

“A holding trust was put into place by the council, but the actual running of Artrix was given to a management board with councillors on it.

“The council’s records clearly show an agreement was reached with the Artrix board that a new service level agreement would be reached from 2015 for a three-year contract of £180,000 for outreach provisions.

“The outreach programme is vital for ensuring the council gets value for money for the district’s residents.

“The council hopes to continue working with the Artrix to guarantee that this fantastic facility stays open for the future.”