September 28th, 2016

Labour candidates clean up in Northfield

Labour candidates clean up in Northfield Labour candidates clean up in Northfield
Updated: 10:13 am, May 13, 2016

THERE was a clean sweep for the Labour councillors in the three Northfield constituency seats at last Thursday’s Birmingham City Council elections.

The group’s Carole Griffiths came out on top in Longbridge polling 1,753, beating Conservative Dan Caldicott by more than 400 votes – he had 1,316.

UKIP’s Kevin Morris was third with 993, Green Elizabeth Sharman was fourth with 152 and the Lib Dem candidate Kevin Hannon had 147. The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate Clive Walder finished with 50. The total number of votes cast was 4,431, a turnout of 24.45 per cent.

In Northfield, Labour’s Brett O’Reilly held onto the seat with 2,283 votes. Second place went to Conservative Les Lawrence who came close with 2,098 and third was taken by UKIP’s Keith Rowe. Fiona Nunan (Green) achieved 575 votes and Lib Dem Andy Moles 156. The total votes cast was 5,893 – a turnout of 31.36 per cent.

In Weoley, Julie Johnson completed the Labour hat-trick by notching up 2,125 votes. Next was Eddie Freeman (CON) who polled 1,943. UKIP were third again with Steven Brookes getting 739 and Lib Dem fourth with 213. The Green Party candidate Kerr-Morgan, Ben Glynne Thomas managed 200 votes. There were 5,247 votes – a turnout of 30.27 per cent.

Overall, Birmingham City Council now has 80 Labour councillors, 29 Conservative, ten Liberal Democrats and one other.