September 30th, 2016

Icy road on school run a danger to Rubery children

Updated: 11:12 am, May 07, 2015

PARENTS in Rubery claim winter school runs up an ungritted hill are putting their children’s lives in danger on a daily basis.

Those travelling to Beaconside Primary and Nursery School, on Hazel Road, Rubery, have described their journeys as regular scenes of chaos when bad weather hits.

The road is currently on a secondary grit route instead of a primary one so it is only salted when the weather is deemed bad enough.

One parent, Stewart Taylor, said on Monday (December 8) the severe frost and lack of grit on the road made it an accident waiting to happen.

He added cars were going up and down the steep hill, unable to stop, and children and parents, some who were pregnant, were finding it very difficult to cross the road safely.

Mr Taylor said parents were having to work in teams to get to the top of the hill and some cars were not even able to get up.

He added: “I have to ask why wasn’t this road salted – surely it should be relooked at and changed to a primary road as it is steep and has a school on it.”

Father-of-two Daniel Sewell said he also feared for the safety of the pupils, parents and residents of Hazel Road.

He added: “I find health and safety concerns a very serious matter and I am extremely disappointed to hear the road the school is situated on is not going to be gritted.

“My wife and children walk to school and back each day with one of my children in a pushchair.

“Cars struggle to brake in icy and snowy conditions, making the crossing of the road very dangerous outside of the school.”

Headteacher Paul Freear said: “It would be nice if the road became a primary route as the children have to come here everyday.

“We have contacted the county council and would encourage other parents to do it too.

“The more contact it gets the more likely it is that it might reconsider its decision regarding it being a secondary route.”

Coun John Smith, responsible for Highways, said the routes were decided and reviewed each year ahead of the winter season, using a number of factors including traffic flows and vehicle speeds.

Coun Smith said Hazel Road was a secondary route because of the lower speeds and was only treated when there were conditions such as heavy hoar frost, freezing rain or snow.

He added because of the nearby grit bin and as they had not had any problems during the last few annual reviews it would remain a secondary route.