September 30th, 2016

Homeless group do charity skydive

Homeless group do charity skydive Homeless group do charity skydive
Updated: 10:47 am, May 07, 2015

HOMELESS and unemployed young people plunged from the sky to help others in similar situations.

The five strong group, all between 19 and 22-years-old, fell 15,000 feet in a big charity skydive yesterday (Thursday) in aid of St Basils yesterday (Thursday) which supports homeless young people.

The High Five team are currently all involved in a national project managed by Worcestershire Council for Voluntary Youth Services called vInspired Talent.

The scheme helps towards getting unemployed young people into work experience placements and by getting them involved in designing and delivering a social action project such as the skydive.

Vanessa Teall, 21, said: “We chose skydiving because we wanted to do something exhilarating and out of the ordinary which would draw attention to the position of homeless people.

“We have been lucky to be involved with vInspired and we want to use this opportunity to show even if you are unemployed you still have thoughts for others.”

Andy Gynn, who helps run the project vInspired Talent, said: “It has been wonderful to work with this group and watch them develop over time.

“I am really proud of all of them and how far they have come – it is really nice to see how well they have worked as a team for a cause they all believe in.”

Visit to donate to the fund-raising efforts.