September 25th, 2016

Hideous’ graffiti prompts Rubery patrols

Updated: 10:42 am, May 07, 2015

POLICE patrols have been stepped up in Rubery after a number of places in the village were targeted by graffiti.

Sgt Richard Field, from West Mercia Police said the Safer Neighbourhood Team was aware of the vandalism, had held talks with the local community and were now putting more of a uniformed presence on the streets in response to it.

The issue was brought to The Standard by campaigner Peter McDonald who called for action in a bid to stop fences, bridges and walls throughout the village being tainted.

He added: “It is absolutely disgraceful local residents should have to look out of their properties onto hideous vandalised walls and fences.

“Even worse is when the graffiti is removed it is almost immediately replaced with four letter words which no-one should have to put up with.”

Mr McDonald said the vandals had even managed to put graffiti under Whetty Bridge, as you enter Rubery, meaning to remove it part of the road would have to be closed, costing thousands of pounds, he claimed.

He added the criminals were also putting their lives at risk as it was not unusual for vehicles to be going at the maximum speed limit under the bridge.

Mr McDonald said when you entered Rubery at the junction with Callowbrook Lane the first thing which welcomed visitors was a mass of graffiti.

“It is unfair on local residents to have to put up with this and I am hopeful the vandals will be caught and the appropriate action taken.” he added.

“The situation is getting worse by the day and something needs to be done to catch the culprits who treat their local community and residents with such contempt.

He urged anyone with any information of people committing such activities to call police on 101.