September 29th, 2016

Heartfelt tributes paid after death of popular Villa chairman

Heartfelt tributes paid after death of popular Villa chairman Heartfelt tributes paid after death of popular Villa chairman
Updated: 4:00 pm, Aug 05, 2015

A POPULAR football chairman who been described as ‘the life and soul’ of Fairfield Villa FC has died, aged 71.

Paddy Eades, who helped to reform the Bromsgrove club in 1959, passed away on Thursday (July 30).

Heartfelt tributes have been since paid with mourners highlighting his passion and dedication to Fairfield Villa which he managed and became chairman of.

After a stint as reserve team boss, Mr Eades ran the first team between 1972 and 1986 where he helped steer them from the Kidderminster League to the Midland Football League.

He was then appointed as chairman which saw him introduce a dominoes and darts team as well as develop the clubhouse at the Recreation Ground.

Long-time friend, Charlie Harris, who is a former player/manager of Villa and has known Mr Eades since 1968, said: “He basically reformed the club and it’s through him that the club has been able to progress over the last 20 years.

“He just organised everything on the social side so we had money coming in.

“He was the life and soul of the football club as he was so passionate and he was very proud of what he achieved.”

Mr Harris said Mr Eades was diagnosed with lung cancer in February, but had been given the all-clear after undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Paul Oakes, general manager of Fairfield Villa, said the Catshill resident’s death was sad news for the football club and the community.

“Lee Shaw and myself have been involved in Fairfield for 11 years now and he has been an integral part of the football club and the community,” he added.

“He has been instrumental in bringing a lot of people to the club through his dominoes and darts team and obviously a lot of people have used the club over the years for christenings and wakes.

“To find a guy like Paddy is quite unique these days, considering the amount of years he has put into the club and I know it was his pride and joy.

“He was just a laugh a minute. He was a bit eccentric, but he loved Fairfield Villa and was a very proud to be called chairman.”