September 30th, 2016

Gum wands clean up Bromsgrove

Gum wands clean up Bromsgrove Gum wands clean up Bromsgrove
Area co-ordinator Dan Wagstaff supervises councillors Rita Dent and Peter Whittaker as they try out the Gum Wand. Picture by Marcus Mingins 3015027MMB

BROMSGROVE District Council has invested in three ‘gum wands’ as they begin their district-wide clean-up scheme. The wands use steam, jets and sugar soap to blast chewing gum off streets and pavements.

The scheme will be started on the High Street, but it is hoped the three Place Teams, each dedicated to separate parts of the district, will soon be able to rid the streets of discarded gum.

Coun Rita Dent, the portfolio holder for the Town Centre, said: “We want to create a better Bromsgrove for everyone and by keeping our streets clean and tidy will help to build pride in the District.”

The council is still urging people not to drop gum. The wands cost £1,500 each, and so not dropping any gum or litter to begin with will be a cheaper way for taxpayers when it comes to keeping the streets clean.

Coun Peter Whittaker, the portfolio holder for Environmental Services and WRS, said: “While we are committed to keeping our Place clean, if people didn’t drop gum, which is unsightly and very difficult to remove once it is dried on, then we could spend this cash on improving services for all our residents.”