September 30th, 2016

Funds flow in to get Bromsgrove Katy’s cancer treated

Funds flow in to get Bromsgrove  Katy’s cancer treated Funds flow in to get Bromsgrove  Katy’s cancer treated
Updated: 3:42 pm, Aug 19, 2016

WHILE Katy continues her fight against a rare form of breast cancer, her friends and family are battling to get her to that £50,000 goal to see her receive potentially life-saving treatment in Germany.

Mum-of-two Katy Dawson, who lives in Cofton Hackett, is about to fly off to Germany to start her treatment.

Katy found a lump in her breast whilst she was 35 weeks pregnant with her now 12-week-old son Evan, and was told the devastating news she had triple negative tumors – an extremely rare form of the disease which only occurs in 15 per cent of cases.

The 36-year-old had to undergo a mastectomy just two weeks before her due date and luckily Evan was born a healthy 8lbs 4oz.

Unfortunately they found another larger tumor which indicated the cancer was trying to spread throughout the rest of her body and attack her major organs.

Although Katy started her six-month course of chemotherapy back in July, she fears it will not be enough to save her life, meaning she will have to leave baby Evan and daughter Aurelia behind, so she has been tireless researching to find a way to kick the cancer for good.

The pioneering new treatment she found does not exist in the UK and so Katy and her husband Paul will have to fly to Germany and spend £50,000 on what could be her only lifeline.

Her Go Fund Me page is now up to £37,000 – a figure raised in less than two months.

In the latest fund-raising efforts, her friends and family took to the streets of Birmingham on Saturday (August 13) at midnight and were sponsored to brave the roads in the dark. They managed to collect £252 toward Katy’s treatment.

Fund-raiser, Clare Millward, said: “All the ladies took part in the midnight walk in Birmingham last weekend and had great fun whilst raising money for Katy to get to Germany for her much needed immunotherapy treatment.

“Katy goes to Germany this week whilst continuous efforts are being made by her friends and family to raise more funds.”

Lickey Hills Primary School, where Katy’s daughter attends, will be holding a family fun day on September 17, from 1pm to raise more money for their beloved friend.

Visit to find out more and to donate to Katy’s cause.

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