September 26th, 2016

Frankley band Million Empire a hit on the Worldwide Web

Frankley band Million Empire a hit on the Worldwide Web Frankley band Million Empire a hit on the Worldwide Web
Updated: 10:49 am, May 07, 2015

A FRANKLEY band have been taking the worldwide web by storm after releasing their debut EP and first music video.

Million Empire, which is made up of Andy Crawford singing and on bass, Westley Knight on guitar and vocals and Paulie Willis on the drums, are proud to present their new video for Rabbit Punch from their EP The Lion Tamer.

The alternative rock band, which formed in 2008, released the new picture on January 1 and have already racked up 900 hits on YouTube.

Andy, who produced the video mainly filmed in the Lickey Hills, said they had spent three months making it and were very proud of the finished product.

He added he had learnt so much from the experience because he had never done anything like it before.

“I really enjoyed the process of making the video and have had good feedback.” Andy said.

“When you write the song you have visuals in your head of the kind of scene the song is about.

“I really enjoyed every piece of it and it was a lot of fun and really interesting.

“We do all our own artwork we do not like to rely on other people – we have a very do-it-yourself attitude to everything.”

He added they had been meaning to make a video for quite some time but due to money issues they had not got around to it.

Andy said they had received some complaints about the video because they had made a rabbit out of a fur coat and covered it in tomato sauce.

He added some people had said they did not want to see a dead rabbit so they had to tell them it was fake for the video.

Andy said the band, which plays gigs and small festivals mainly in the Midlands, were now going to start work on some more material and even had plans to film their next music video.

He added they had also recently begun production on a new documentary film about what it is like being a band on the contemporary Birmingham music scene.

Andy said: “Over the last few years we have got into the habit of filming everything we do, whether it be gigs or rehearsals or whatnot.

“We thought it would be nice to put it into a film.”

Million Empire will be taking the stage next Friday (January 30) and wowing audiences at the The Iron Road, in Evesham – entry is free and the show will start at 8pm.

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