September 25th, 2016

Four Bromsgrove lads raise £1,200 for Teenage Cancer Trust by trekking up Snowdon carrying a stretcher

Updated: 4:01 pm, Jun 13, 2016

FIVE Bromsgrove teenagers have raised £1,120 for the Teenage Cancer Trust after journeying up Mount Snowdon whilst carrying a dummy on a stretcher.

It all began when Alex Childs, who is 14, wanted to do something worthwhile for his birthday.

He said he had everything he really wanted so would prefer to do something such as take a friend away for a break.

The family have a cottage in Tywyn, West Wales, so a holiday there was suggested.

Then it was decided that if they were going to do that, they could do some kind of fund-raiser for a good cause and that was when Alex came up with the idea of climbing Snowdon with the stretcher.

He recruited his four friends – Lenny Sawyer, Ben Court, Jake Harper and Chris Beaven – into taking part in the adventure which was organised by his dad Steve and mum Heather.

The five, accompanied by Steve, managed to get to the top in three-and-a-half hours and, after they had taken on lunch and refreshments, they went back down in an hour-and-a-half.

Steve said: “He chose the charity because he had just become a teenager in the last year so it seemed fitting.

“Heather made sure everyone had everything they needed but because of the glorious sunshine we did not need half of it.”

Prior to the trip, the five, who all go to South Bromsgrove High School, trained around the canals in Stoke Prior, practising carrying the dummy on the stretcher.

The lads went down on the Friday, relaxed on the Saturday, did the trek on the Sunday and then had the Monday to rest and recuperate.

Steve said everyone has been brilliant in sponsoring the team, adding they never expected to get to £1,200.

“It’s going up and up all the time.

“We and all the parents are proud of their achievement and hope it will instil in them that they have the ability to help others throughout their lives and maybe inspire others to follow suit.”

Anyone wanting to boost the lads’ coffers further can do so by visiting and donating there.