September 30th, 2016

Former chief superintendent and Bromsgrove author releases book on police dog heroes

Updated: 11:55 am, Jun 03, 2016

PUBLISHED author and retired senior police officer Mike Layton has spent several years documenting some of the most powerful moments of his career – and has now launched his latest book, Police Dog Heroes.

The Bromsgrove-based writer has been involved with writing and co-authoring a number books, including Hunting Hooligans – a true story of operation Red Card in 1987 – and Tracking Hooligans – a history of football violence on the UK’s rail networks.

The former police officer reached the rank of chief superintendent with West Midlands Police.

He also served in the British Transport Police and Sovereign Bases Police in Cyprus and is a holder of the Queen’s Medal.

Mike’s latest book, Police Dog Heroes, written with Bill Rogerson, is a historical account of the British Transport Police Dog Section between 1908 and 2015.

In the book, the authors trace the history of these faithful servants and bring over 40 thrilling, shocking and sometimes humorous first-hand re-collections from retired officers and handlers who fought crime and protected the public alongside man’s best friend.

Mike’s next book – Birmingham’s Front Line – featuring a collection of true police stories, is waiting in the wings to be published next month.

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