September 29th, 2016

First time offenders numbers are down in Worcestershire

First time offenders numbers are down in Worcestershire First time offenders numbers are down in Worcestershire
Updated: 2:18 pm, Sep 05, 2015

THE NUMBER of first-time entrants into the youth justice system has fallen in Worcestershire by more than 30 per cent.

However, Worcestershire County Council bosses have been urged ‘not be complacent’ in a bid to keep crime levels down.

The new figures were released at a cabinet meeting last Thursday (July 16) which revealed the authority’s Youth Justice System was performing above the national average.

One of the most striking changes was the amount of first-time entrants to the criminal justice system as 369 youths entered it between October 2013 and September 2014.

This was 166 fewer than the same period 12 months before, and it compares to 408 in the West Mercia Police region and 417 in the rest of England.

The report also revealed the use custody measures fell from 0.23per cent from 0.29 per cent as 12 youngsters were sentenced – three less than last year.

Meanwhile, a total of 31.3 per cent of young people re-offended within 12 months of receiving a police caution or sentence, which is 4.7per cent less than the national average.

Coun John Campion, cabinet member for children and families, said he was pleased with the figures, but he insisted there was still more work to be done as the Tory leadership endorsed the West Mercia Youth Justice Plan for 2015/16.

“This performance is solid for our area as we have a good track record,” he said.

“But again, it does not mean that we should be complacent.

“It is right that we have a good solid robust plan that we will absolutely help support our young people to not only live a safe and full life contributing to society but also helps protect society.”

Council leader Coun Adrian Hardman added: “This shows that last year’s plan was a success and clearly we are expecting that we will build on this again.”