September 26th, 2016

Dumped kittens spark outrage

Dumped kittens spark outrage Dumped kittens spark outrage

TWO BROMSGROVE animal sanctuaries have hit out at the owners of abandoned pregnant cats and kittens left to fend for themselves.

It comes after two incidents this week when a litter of nine kittens were found left in a garden dehydrated, with fleas, worms, conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, ulcerated eyes and cat flu.

The second case was on Sunday (August 9) when a seven-month-old pregnant cat was taken to Cramar Cat Sanctuary and Rescue, in Hopwood.

Volunteers said she was in a ‘dreadful state’ and was very dehydrated. And although they did what they could for her she had fly strike – a common problem with rabbits when flies lay eggs on a damp area around an animal’s rear which then hatch into maggots that start eating away at the flesh in a matter of hours.

When they also discovered the cat’s kittens had died inside her they decided the kindest thing to do was to put her down.

In the last week six new litters have arrived at the sanctuary, two of which were taken in yesterday (Thursday).

Carole Lowe, a trustee at the sanctuary said: “The worst situations we see is when a pregnant queen or mommy cat with kittens is brought into the sanctuary by a concerned cat lover who has found them in bushes, under cars or other places because an owner has thrown them out when they discover she is pregnant.

“This is not the cats’ fault but the cruel owner who couldn’t be bothered to have her spayed. “This is not an expensive procedure and in fact costs about £3 a year if she lives to 16 which is a standard life span of a cat these days.

“We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers and there are many out there that are but also some very cruel people who seem to think the throw away society that we live in also includes their pets.”

Carole said they were getting more cats than ever before – particular unneutered females.

She added they were also finding the the cases were getting worse and worse.

“Owners are just chucking them out when they find out they are pregnant and leaving cats, who do not now how, to look after themselves.

“I cannot see why it would be a lack of awareness people have Google at the tip of their finger tips – they just cannot be bothered.

“We are always struggling and it is not getting any better and it should be there is no excuse now the economy is getting better.

A Blue Cross spokeswoman said they were aware of the problem the centre, on Wildmoor Lane, did not have enough room to take them all with the current rebuild.

But she added they had a fantastic team of volunteer foster carers who look after litters in their home, hand feeding them if needed.

Nicola Halfpenny, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross in Bromsgrove, said all owners needed to make sure their pets were neutered to prevent more unwanted and unexpected litters being born.

“The sooner a cat is neutered the better, not only because they can produce a litter at just a few months old but also because there are many health benefits to cats who have been neutered.

“They are also less likely to run away or be hit by a car as they won’t be roaming to look for a mate.”