September 28th, 2016

Dog’s help inspires Bromsgrove man to do skydive

Dog’s help inspires Bromsgrove man to do skydive Dog’s help inspires Bromsgrove man to do skydive
John Evans with Leanna and Trudy. Picture by Marcus Mingins 2715006MMB

A SPECIAL dog, who helps her owner do everything from getting dressed to unloading her washing machine, has inspired one Bromsgrove man to embark on a fund-raising mission.

John Evans, 47, who is a carer in Bromsgrove has looked after Leanna Horne, 27, for the last eight years.

And, since Leanna has been paired with golden retriever Trudy from Canine Partners, in 2011, he has seen her life dramatically change for the better.

He is now hoping to raise £500 for the charity with a sponsored tandem skydive on September 12.

John said Trudy had helped change Leanna’s life ‘beyond belief’, giving her the independence she craved.

He added Trudy got Leanna’s clothes for her in the morning, helped her load and unload the washing machine and helped when she was out and about – from carrying her shopping to picking up things she dropped.

“These are just a few tasks Trudy does everyday but she wouldn’t be able to do them if it wasn’t for the amazing Canine Partners,” John said.

“Not only have they given Leanna a dog, they have given her her confidence and feeling of self-worth back.”

John said he the skydive filled him with ‘excitement and fear’ – he was both scared and looking forward to it at the same time.

He added he wanted to highlight the wonderful work the charity did and raise cash for it so it could continue to help transforming lives.

Leanna said: “I have had Trudy for just over three years and she has made such a difference to my life and John’s and my other carers’.

“Having Trudy means I can go out on my own – she gives me confidence.

“She gives John some freedom as well – she gives him peace of mind when he just needs to pop to the shops.

“This skydive is his way of saying thank you for giving me some independence.

“Hopefully this money will help towards training other dogs like Trudy who can help other people who need such canine partner.”

Visit to donate to the cause.