October 1st, 2016

Dance academy makes Alfie’s day with a special new bike

Dance academy makes Alfie’s day with a special new bike Dance academy makes Alfie’s day with a special new bike
Updated: 11:10 am, May 07, 2015

A BROMSGROVE academy raised £600 for a charity which helped a disabled toddler ride a bike for the first time.

Alfie Smith was born with an incomplete right hand so found it hard to ride a normal bike.

But, thanks to the charity REMAP and its engineer Rob Ellis, the three-year-old was able to be given his first, specially designed, bike to ride and can now be more like all the other boys his age.

Alfie’s sisters Bethany and Ella both attend Spirals Dance and Performance Academy, on Bromsgrove High Street.

After teachers at the school heard of the charity’s good work they decided to dedicate their annual charity concert to the cause.

The event has been taking place for 18 years.

At the concert, put on by the pupils, a group of ten fathers did their own comedy dance dressed as mermaids before they went around the audience to do a collection.

The show ran consecutively for three days and on the closing night little Alfie gave the audience a treat and rode on stage with his new bike, to show everyone what sort of thing their money was going on.

Principal Helen Bagnall said Alfie’s mum mentioned to them what REMAP did for her son and explained they made things you could not just buy on the shelf.

She added: “He is a lovely little chap – when Alfie’s mum Vicky found out she was really really pleased.

“She was honoured we had chosen this charity.

“We also had a lovely letter back from the charity thanking us, being such a small charity they have a job raising money.”

Visit www.remap.org.uk for more.