September 27th, 2016

Conservatives’ pro-EU battlebus rolls into Bromsgrove to launch ‘Remain’ campaign

Conservatives’ pro-EU battlebus rolls into Bromsgrove to launch ‘Remain’ campaign Conservatives’ pro-EU battlebus rolls into Bromsgrove to launch ‘Remain’ campaign
Updated: 9:27 am, Jun 10, 2016

THE CAMPAIGN to get Britain to stay in the EU was stepped up in Bromsgrove last Friday (June 3) when the ‘Conservatives In’ Battle Bus rolled into town as part of its nationwide tour.

Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid has welcomed the vehicle as volunteers from across the country joined with town activists to spread the word on Bromsgrove High Street.

Mr Javid said: “The choice facing us all is rapidly approaching.

“Personally, it was our national economic security which convinced me to vote ‘in’.

“Negotiating new trade deals is likely to take years.

“After six years working to turn round our national finances, I simply cannot put at risk all that families, businesses and workers have been through.”

Days earlier Mr Javid, who is also the Secretary of State for Business, Industry and Skills, made a keynote speech in Birmingham as part of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign.

In it he reacted to figures newly released by the campaign which claimed 1.2million small and medium-sized businesses – one quarter of UK SMEs which together employed millions of people between them- either exported to Europe or supplied firms that did export.

He said: “This shows yet again that Britain’s small businesses are stronger, safer and better off in Europe.

“If we leave the EU, small firms are on the front line and that’s a gamble with people’s livelihoods I’m not willing to take.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Let’s not break that backbone with a leap into the dark.”

Mr Javid has urged residents to visit before making their decision.

Meanwhile, former Droitwich mayor and current town and district councillor Bob Brookes says he feels Britain would be better off out of the EU.

Bob Brookes questioned the UK’s membership of the organisation and how much of a difference leaving would make, saying companies in Europe would be ‘cutting off their noses to spite their faces’ if they refused to trade with the country’s companies after a BREXIT.

He told The Standard: “Has anyone noticed there is no European ‘union’?

“The migrant crisis has clearly demonstrated there are plenty of unelected bureaucrats, but no real leadership within the EC to take action when needed.

“The situation rapidly degenerated to a mishmash of self interest by individual countries, whilst the ‘EC’ was more concerned about the type of oven gloves and vacuum cleaners we are allowed to use.”

He added if the country voted to remain, it would give the bureaucrats a mandate to continue to meddle more with Britons’ lives, whilst ignoring ‘real problems’ such as re-settled migrants arriving in Europe able to come and make use of an already overloaded NHS and claim benefits for children not residing in the UK.

“The self-interests of the 27 other member states will always outweigh our wishes so that there will never be a ‘reformed EU’.

“How much better if we in Britain were free to take firm decisive action when needed, controlling our hard-earned money, without masses of red tape to slow us down.

“I will be voting for independence so we can take our sovereignty back and control our future.”