September 30th, 2016

Class photo found after reader’s plea

Class photo found after reader’s plea Class photo found after reader’s plea
Updated: 11:16 am, May 07, 2015

AN APPEAL on the letters page of last week’s Standard to find a photograph of a bible class of 1906 has come to fruition after a resident who had the picture came forward with a copy of it.

Ruth Fryatt, who lives in North Yorkshire, wanted the photograph as it was the only picture she had of her late grandfather John Guest and the image she had was from a newspaper cutting.

After her appeal was printed on our letters page, local historian Bob Richardson contacted us with a copy of the original picture to forward onto Mrs Fryatt.

It was taken from The Hughes Collection, which includes pictures done by the photographer Joseph Hughes.

He had a studio in Bromsgrove – opposite the Golden Cross to the south of Clegg’s Entry – from 1897 to 1909 and it was in the 1970s at Scott’s the jeweller’s where the 2,000 original glass plate negatives of his photographs were found by Mr Richardson and Mr Scott donated them to him.

Mr Richardson said: “It was my wife Sylivia who noticed the letter and she recognised it from a picture we have on file.

“So I printed off a copy and took it into The Standard’s Bromsgrove office on Monday morning.”

On hearing the news, Mrs Fryatt said: “It’s just wonderful – me and my sister, who lives in North Devon, are researching our family history.

“We came across the newspaper cutting and it was the first time we had seen our grandfather.

“We had pictures of our grandmother but none of our grandfather, so to find the original picture is great news.

“I would like to thank The Standard for helping with the appeal and Mr Richardson for coming forward with a copy of the photograph.”