September 28th, 2016

Children from Bromsgrove, Rubery and Droitwich celebrate World Book Day

Updated: 12:37 pm, Mar 11, 2016

CHILDREN and young people from across Bromsgrove, Rubery and Droitwich took part in a host of activities for World Book Day.

The children and staff at Dodford First School came dressed as their favourite characters from traditional stories and a boy and a girl from each group were awarded prizes for the best or most original costume.

The children also donated £1 for dressing up to Book Aid which is aimed at buying books for children in Africa.

In the afternoon, a book swap was held where children brought books from home they no longer wanted and exchanged them with others in the school.

Grandparents were also invited in to read with the children.Youngsters from Catshill Village Pre-School also enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters and reading their favourite books throughout the day.

At Finstall Pre-School, the children brought in books featuring their favourite characters, whilst being dressed as them, including Little Red Riding Hood, Fireman Sam and the Very Hungry Catterpillar.

Staff and the little bookworms also read stories together throughout the day.