October 1st, 2016

Charity night to support Lance

Charity night to support Lance Charity night to support Lance
Lance and his mum Debbie (s)
Updated: 6:01 pm, Aug 15, 2015

AN EVENT has been organised to support a Bromsgrove man who was jailed for 50 years in a Thai jail.

Meddy Ranks, who works with young people in difficult situations with no where else to turn, has organised the event to raise awareness and funds for Lance Whitmore.

The 27-year-old was sentenced in June for a drug offence. He was also ordered to pay a £25,000 fine.

At the event, which will be held at The Grove pub, on the High Street, on August 30, there will be various reggae performers and entertainment from acts which include Meddy himself. Meddy will also be taking time to speak as part of the evening.

They money raised from the event will go towards helping Lance’s mum who is fund-raising for her son and for the charity Prisoners Abroad – the only UK charity which helps British prisoners held in foreign prisons.

Meddy, who works with young people from across the West Midlands, said he was holding the event to raise awareness of the consequences of getting mixed up in drugs and how they can not only have devastating affects on the person involved but also their close relatives and friends.

“The council and police refer young people to me because I deal with difficult problems and difficult situations.

“Lance’s family have been grieving night and day so I am asking mums and dads, relatives and friends to use Lance Whitmore to educate your children on what could happen.

“There is no value to a human life that can be worth 50 years.

“I also want people to remember it is not just your life which is affected but your families’ and friends’ too.

“We know Lance was in the wrong but we all do wrong at some point in out lives – we are asking for forgiveness.”

Debbie Caswell, Lance’s mum, said they were currently appealing the sentence and Lance was doing as ok as what could be expected.

She added: “Fund-raising and raising awareness is what it is all about.

“I never said my son never did anything wrong but I was absolutely gutted when he was sentenced.

“I have been working day and night to raise money.

“The money we raise will be used not only to help Lance but other prisoners abroad too.

“Not a lot of people know what they have to deal with until they are put in this situation.

“Some have no family to help them and without the charity would really struggle.”

To help Lance and other prisoners like him visit www.helplance.org.uk for more.

Anyone interested in the event can call Meddy on 0121 453 5984 or 07506 577714 or e-mail meddyranks@yahoo.co.uk for more.