September 25th, 2016

Car damage claims lead to calls to change kerb at Lydiate Ash Island

Updated: 11:19 am, May 07, 2015

A DANGEROUS sharp corner on the Lydiate Ash Island caused five drivers to blow out ten tyres in one night, a Bromsgrove woman has claimed.

Marilyn O’Neill, of Penshurst Road, was in the car with her husband coming back from an emergency vet appointment, when they hit something which burst both their passenger side tyres.

Mrs O’Neill said her husband was driving home about 9.30pm, on December 30, when they left the M5 at Junction 4 where roadworks are currently taking place.

She added they were travelling down the slip road and were on the roundabout when their Vauxhall Insignia hit something forcing them off the road.

When the pair got out of the car they found both passenger side tyres had big gashes in them and were completely flat, meaning they could not drive away.

While they were waiting another car pulled up behind them with its hazard lights flashing, a short time later a different vehicle passed them with its hazards on. Five cars in total had suffered the same damage.

Mrs O’Neill said after a short time they were approached by another driver who had managed to take the first left down the A48 after the same thing had happened to him.

She added at first they just could not understand what had happened until they had a walk down to where it had happened and discovered the corner seemed sharper on the edge of the roundabout.

“We expected to see a pothole or something but on the verge there were three or four wheel trims and it was then we realised what had happened.

“We could not believe the impact.

“I am just worried somebody could get killed there if something isn’t done.

“If there had been more traffic it is not worth thinking about.”

The same happened to Damian Lee when he was driving home with his wife and three-year-old daughter.

Mr Lee said: “It was pitch black so the road markings were near impossible to see – and a bit of a kerb which we did not see until after.

“The car jolted – it was a real shock.”

He has since had to buy new tyres and alloy wheels for his vehicle.

A Highways Agency spokesman said: “We are investigating the current traffic management layout at M5 junction four.

“Pending the results of that investigation, we will make any necessary changes to improve the safety of motorists.”

The junction which has seen many drivers end up with wrecked tyres (s)