September 29th, 2016

Can you help prodigy Rubery racer stay on track?

Updated: 11:18 am, May 07, 2015

A RUBERY racer who has been going through the gears quicker than Jenson Button is appealing to local companies to help him stay on track.

At just ten years old, Christopher Draper is currently the youngest ever British Midland champion, racing ahead of Nigel Mansell and Jenson Button who won the title at 13 and 12.

He first got behind the wheel at just four years old on a family holiday in Spain and showed so much raw talent his parents tracked down a go-karting club for youngsters.

From there the Holywell Primary School pupil wanted to continue chasing his dream of becoming a professional racing driver and his family clubbed together to buy him his first Go Kart at Christmas.

He went on to join the Bambino Kart Club – a championship held over seven rounds around the UK held for those aged four to seven. And in 2009 he became the UK’s most successful Bambino driver to date.

At just six he moved up to Comer Cadet until he was eligible for the Association of Racing Kart School. From there he could compete in the Motor Sport Association Levels (MSA) where he passed his licence examination tests first time and even beat the fastest lap record set by the instructor himself.

At MSA level, he won all six races against 35 competitors, and since has rarely featured outside the top ten of any race.

The determined driver will now enter into the Super One Series and the Little Green Man Series which he is currently testing for in order to be placed at the top of the grid.

But he is in desperate need of sponsorship from businesses in the area, with races costing up to £2,500 just to enter.

His mother, Yvonne, said funding her son had financially ‘crippled’ them and they needed money for his kit, car, and to enter competitions.

“We just haven’t got the money, but he has definitely got the talent.

“It is beyond frustrating for us. He is ten and has got another three years in this club and is outshining everyone already.

“We need as many people and businesses to support him as possible.

“I just can’t help but think about what he could do if we got the funding?

“I wish it was all based just on talent and not money.”

She added competitions were televised and the family would happily have sponsors’ names on his kit and car.

Anyone interested in sponsoring Chris should e-mail for more information.

Christopher Draper (s)