September 28th, 2016

Campaigners meet with developers over golf course homes plan

Campaigners meet with developers over golf course homes plan Campaigners meet with developers over golf course homes plan
Updated: 10:54 am, May 07, 2015

THE OWNERS of the North Worcestershire Golf Course (NWGC) have signed a deal to potentially build homes on 55 acres of the site’s land.

The Northfield club’s exclusive partnership deal with Bloor Homes means plans, with aims of changing the council’s planning framework to allow redevelopment, can now be made.

A public consultation, which will take place sometime before the summer, has also been organised by Bloor Home and Harris Lamb to seek residents’ views on what they would like to see on the 80-acre site.

It comes after a meeting where the club’s officers announced they wanted to sell the site for redevelopment as it was no longer financially viable.

By the end of this year, Harris Lamb and Bloor Homes are hoping to have developed a master plan for the land.

A representative for Bloor Homes said it had already undertaken ‘due diligence’ in respect of the deal and in its view, by building on the course, it would help meet housing needs.

He also added, if the go ahead was given, the company would guarantee all needed drainage works would be conducted to remove flooding risks.

In attendance was MP Richard Burden, Coun Ian Cruise, Coun Andy Cartwright, Coun Jess Phillips, Coun Steve Booton, representatives from Bloor Homes and the club’s advisers from Harris Lamb.

Councillors brought up a number of issues one of which was with the number of people who opposed anything being built on the site and with the club’s lack of communication with residents.

They stressed their need for evidence to back up the developers’ assurances to address flood risks on the site.The club was also asked for more details on the alternatives it had considered to stabilise its finances.

MP Richard Burden said they were shocked and concerned to be told the financial position of the club had deteriorated so rapidly in just one year.

He added how it was only last year the club announced it was not planing to sell so he was surprised the owners felt they had thoroughly considered all the alternatives.

MP Richard Burden said: “We were pleased to meet with the golf club, Bloor Homes and their advisers.

“We owed it to the people we represent to express ourselves frankly and to register the real and widespread public opposition.

“We are willing to have further conversations with the club and its partners but this should not be taken as a softening of our opposition to the redevelopment.

“The current Birmingham planning framework precludes building on the golf course – both we and local people will take a great deal of convincing that this should change.”