September 26th, 2016

Campaigner calls for Bromsgrove to have its own crematorium

Campaigner calls for Bromsgrove to have its own crematorium Campaigner calls for Bromsgrove to have its own crematorium
Updated: 10:03 am, Feb 19, 2016

A BROMSGROVE campaigner is calling on the council to build a crematorium in the district so residents have the option of having their send-off ceremonies held in, their own town.

Fred Stanley, from King George Close in Sidemoor, contacted The Standard about the issue this week.

He said: “I have spoken to a lot of people about this and many of them agree with me.

“I feel when the new North Bromsgrove cemetery was built, the district council should have included a crematorium there – it was a missed opportunity.

“At the moment we have to go to Redditch or Worcester and those places are ten miles away which adds to the cost of the funeral, not just for immediate family but for other family members and friends who have to travel there for the service.

“There are a number of other much smaller towns which already have their own crematoriums and I feel Bromsgrove should have one too.

“More people are choosing to be cremated these days rather than be buried so it makes sense.

“It might cost in the short-term to create a crematorium, but it will pay for itself in the long run.”

A Bromsgrove District Council spokesperson said: “Last year Redditch crematorium provided a service to over 1,800 families and it is geographically well placed to successfully serve the borough and beyond.

“Being easily accessible we see many families utilising our services from other areas such as Bromsgrove, Worcester and beyond.

“Redditch Crematorium’s high standards of customer service and award-winning, innovative process of collecting energy otherwise dispersed into the environment and reusing it to help heat the nearby swimming pool are just some of the reasons why families choose to have their loved ones’ services with us.

“There are currently no plans for a crematorium in Bromsgrove. However, should the need arise in the future it will be given appropriate consideration.”

• What do you think? Would you like to see Bromsgrove get its own crematorium? Or do you feel the nearest ones in Redditch and Worcester are adequate? E-mail your views to