September 30th, 2016

Bromsgrove’s biggest appetite to take on Big Dave’s Breakfast

Updated: 11:11 am, May 07, 2015

A BIG-APPETITED Bromsgrovian who has featured in numerous national newspapers and on TV for successfully completing food challenges will be bringing her hunger to her home town to take on Big Dave’s Breakfast, Worcester Road, at 1pm tomorrow (Saturday).

Emma Dalton has hit the headlines because of the meals she has managed, despite weighing just nine stone and being only 5ft 4ins and a size eight.

ITV even described her as a ‘human hoover’ because of the way she vaccuums up food.

It was in Orlando, Florida, four months ago that Emma discovered her ability to take on such massive meals. There, at Universal Studios’ Hard Rock Hotel, she ate a kitchen sink burger and cake and, since then, she has successfully completed 17 challenges in 16 weeks.

Among them have been a 5ft chilli hot dog, an 80oz steak with chips and sides, a Smokey’s monster burger, which weighs more than 9lb, and a monster burrito.

Big Dave’s Breakfast, which needs to be completed in 40 minutes, uses a whole loaf of bread to house its contents – five rashers of bacon, five sausages, four eggs, four pieces of black pudding or haggis or hash browns, along with double beans, double tomatoes and double mushrooms.

And, because no one has ever finished it before, and because Emma has not been defeated yet, something will have to give in the town tomorrow.

Big Dave told The Standard: “She contacted me on Facebook to see what the challenge entailed and then she told me she would be coming down on Saturday at 1pm.

“We have had a lot of people trying it, but the most anyone has ever completed has been half.”

Undefeated Emma said: “I have always had a big appetitie and people kept telling me I should try the challenges so I thought I would try one when I was in Orlando.

“Now I’ve done 17 in 16 weeks and have not been beaten yet.

“But, this is the one I am most scared of because no one has completed it.

“The thing that concerns me most is that it is a whole loaf of bread – the rest of the contents are fine.”

Emma with the devastor burger, milkshake and fries at the Red Dog Saloon in London, which she completed in ten minutes. s