September 29th, 2016

Bromsgrove youngsters dig in to help nature

Bromsgrove youngsters dig in to help nature Bromsgrove youngsters dig in to help nature
Updated: 4:32 pm, Jun 24, 2016

YOUNG people from Bromsgrove School have been helping create a new wetland to improve the Battlefield Brook near the Deansway Road side of Sanders Park, writes Megan Davies.

The revamp is needed due to it falling below international water quality standards for invertebrates, plants and phosphate levels.

The extra curricular activity will be part of the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust’s Love Your River Bromsgrove project which is funded by the Environment Agency, Severn Trent Water and Bromsgrove District Council.

The trio of organisations have joined forces to improve the environment in Bromsgrove and to get children involved in the process of those improvements.

The plan is to slow the flow, enabling the brook to hold more water during floods. They have also cleaned the water so it is safe for wildlife such as voles to make their home alongside it.

Lucy Wood, Water and Wetlands Officer for the Trust said: “We’ve removed the ‘wings’ of the nearby concrete storm drain that currently ejects water from nearby roads.

“The children will plant flag iris, marsh marigold and other wet-loving plants along the brook as well as adding shallow depressions to help guide the water through the wetlands by trapping nutrients and pollution.”

Lucy added the project ‘had been a great opportunity to make a real difference for both the people and wildlife’.

And she said it was great the children got to spend time outside and learn why it was so important to look after what was right on their doorstep.